Welcome to the Santa Fe Uptown Website!

Hello and thank you for visiting the Santa Fe Uptown website. This site is designed to give you all the information you may want to know about Santa Fe Uptown. Of course we’ll gladly provide any additional information you’re looking for by giving us a call at (845) 339-7777 or emailing us at info@santafekingston.com.

Browse the site to view our full dinner, lunch and tequila menus. If you’re comfortable sitting at your computer and can’t imagine spending a night out please know that items from the lunch and dinner menus are available for take out as well! Sorry, no can do with tequila for take out!

The photo gallery gives a glimpse into the “Santa Fe atmosphere” that so many are talking about, as well as the food which keeps them coming back for more!

Read a little bit of the history behind the Santa Fe brand and follow the links provided to visit the websites of other restaurants owned by Santa Fe Uptown partners David Weiss and Annie & Jim Demosthenes (Santa Fe – Tivoli | Max’s Memphis BBQ – Red Hook | Santa Fe – Woodstock)

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