About Us

outside3More than three decades ago Vermont transplant David Weiss decided to open a small Mexican restaurant in the quiet college town of Tivoli, NY. Located in the uppermost part of New York’s Dutchess County, Santa Fe Restaurant has become a Tivoli landmark and a draw for both locals and Hudson Valley visitors alike.

Inspired by the rich culinary flavors that he found during his many visits to Mexico, David created a menu that features the country’s diverse and vibrant flavors while highlighting the freshness of the ingredients in those dishes.

These carefully crafted menu choices, along with Santa Fe’s welcoming atmosphere and its great value, have earned the restaurant a reputation of being one of the best in the Hudson Valley.

In 2012 David collaborated with Ulster County restaurateur Jim Demosthenes and his wife Annie, a former employee of David’s, to bring the Santa Fe concept across the Hudson River and into Ulster County. Once home to the state’s first capital, Kingston has a rich history that is especially evident in the Uptown Stockade District. With its historical roots and flourishing arts community, David, Jim & Annie felt that an uptown location for a second Santa Fe would be the perfect place to join forces. Santa Fe Uptown found residence in the old City Hotel, widely known throughout the community as “11 Main Street,” where the beautiful “U-shaped” bar and warm atmosphere make you feel relaxed and welcome.

Join us for dinner and drinks Monday through Saturday, and lunch on Friday, to see what everyone is talking about.